Make your own yogurt!

OK so you eat a lot of yogurt? Well here is the best way to consume mass amounts with out breaking the bank! Make your own! Making your own yogurt is so easy and cost effective that it is too bad more people don't know how easy it is. So get out there and spread the word to make your own yogurt!

First start by filling your stock pot with your choice of milk, i.e. cow, sheep, or goat milk. Here we used 1/2 a gallon. Fill the bottom pot with water. Justin uses this technique so that the milk won't burn. 

If you don't have two stock pots its OK! Just stir the milk continuously because it burns very easily and you don't want burned tasting yogurt. 

You want your milk to reach a temperature of 185 degrees and if you don't have a thermometer that is when milk begins to froth on its own, like in a latte.  

Once your milk is ready just add two large scoops of pre-existing plain yogurt and whisk! That's right you make yogurt with yogurt! After you have whisked the yogurt all you do is cover the pot and find a safe place for the cultures to activate. 

Justin wrapped up the pot and put it in our camping cooler. The amount of time you leave it does play a part on its consistency. 7-8 hours your yogurt will be a french consistency meaning, not thick but perfect for topping with granola. 9-10 hours your yogurt will be a good medium thickness. To make Greek yogurt let sit for 10 hours then strain it with cheese cloth and a colander until desired consistency.    

And here is what a half gallon of yogurt looks like!

Here is our tasty treat with some strawberry jelly! Jed's favorite flavor is maple syrup and vanilla! 

Well that is all there is to it! just heat up your milk add some yogurt and let science do the rest!

Recipe: 11

         Milk, any quantity

         about one cup of plain yogurt. 


        Any kind of jelly

       Cinnamon or vanilla

       Honey or Maple syrup for sweetener

                                                                   Have a Blast!!!