The in between life

        Living in a flexing world is never fun to me. I like to feel grounded. I do love being spontaneous, thriving on adventure but, only as long as I have something to come back to do I feel good. Right now is an in between moment. I have to be honest when I say I am not relaxed. Justin, Meira, Jed, and I, just traveled for 10 days across America and now we are back home in our beloved Oregon. In this moment though I am such a big ball of emotions, it sucks. Only three days back and I am freaking out about; where we will live, where is Justin going to work, and where will Meira go to school? In the mean time, Justin and I are tent camping in my mom's back yard while our kids are sleeping in the my mom's house. Also my younger brother and Justin's younger brother are both living with her so the house itself is not very peaceful. Right now I guess I have a lot to worry about but, the reality of my situation is I am a child of the Most High God who loves me and takes care of me and when I submit to His will it might seam hard but it is never out of control. 

        To me the most amazing thing about our Creator is that He not only listens to every word we say but, He is constantly in action. Sometimes His actions are a whisper and sometimes they are heart pounding, gut wrenching almost audible yell in your ear kinds of movements. So when we were ready to move back to Oregon there was someone who offered us a place to stay. They had a house we could live in rent free until Justin found a job and we found a permanent home. Well two days before we arrived in Oregon Justin got a voicemail saying that the house was no longer available. Did my heart sink? Did I start crying? Did my mind race for new solutions and new possibilities? Nope. Holy Spirit breathed on me His peace and the best thing I could have done I did, I received His peace. After Justin told me the news I calmly said, "I knew it". I said that mainly to declare that God wants to do things, big things, in my family's life and a house 25 minutes away from my mom is not apart of that plan right now. I totally believe that the 'free house' was there just to calm my nerves for a couple months. 

       So, the challenge for myself is to be content in the weird flexible times. I need to stay grounded in the thing that will never change and that is my Holy God. Everything else will pass away, everything else is temporary but, God never changes and always loves. He is always moving in our lives and if we ask Him to change us He will but, we need to be willing to change. We might not like the how but, the end result for me is always feeling that peace and comfort which is worth it every time.