How to stretch ground beef

       Ok people we at the Pewonka house eat meat and that is because Justin is on a modified Paleo diet. This means a lot of fruits, vegetables, and meat, get consumed here. The thing about meat these days is that it is expensive! So how do we fix this problem of eating well, feeling full, and not breaking the bank? Well one thing that Justin can eat that is actually a fruit seed is buckwheat! If you want to learn more about buckwheat, another name for them are groats, and their health benefits click learn more.

       So back to the whole stretching meat thing, as long as you have eggs as a binder I don’t see why you could not add whatever you wanted to your hamburgers to stretch them. We like using toasted buckwheat because of their health benefits and because of the texture of the meat alongside the buckwheat is a great pairing. How to cook buckwheat is very simple, it is the same as cooking rice! to cook buckwheat you just do a 2 to 1 ratio so if you have 2 cups of water you add 1 cup of buckwheat. Once the water comes to a boil turn off burner and leave covered until the groats are light and fluffy. Groats are great to eat in place of rice because they have mostly the same texture. I hope this works out for you and your family!

NOTE: When buying them at the store buy the toasted buckwheat, they have a better flavor and better texture. 

All right so what we have here is a pound of yummy beef with a half cup of cooked buckwheat. 

So to bind the meat to the B.W. we just used an egg in there and mixed in some yummy stuff. Justin put in some worcestershire sauce, ketchup, salt, and pepper. We can't get too crazy or else our kids won't eat it. 

Here they are in the trusty cast iron! My rule is I don't flip them until they start getting juicy ontop. 

This is my beautiful girl and she told me she decorated her burger like a fish tank! Of course!

1 pound of beef

1/2 cup of cooked buckwheat

1 egg

mix all together and form into patties!