Small plot Gardening

Hello, World!

        First of all a little background on me and gardening. I love to garden, it is one of my very favorite things to do. To me gardening is creating a piece of art, and that art creates more art as it grows, it is literally living art! My grandma is also an avid gardener and does her best to keep her 1.5 acres looking pristine even at the ripe old age of 90! There will be many a time that we will all watch her pick up pine cones from the many fir trees, just so that the yard looks presentable. Buckets and buckets of pinecones are poured into her burn pile every week.

        Well, I don't have as much land as my grandma, in fact we are renting right now so technically I don't have any land, (sad face) but, when we lived in my childhood home with my mother back in Oregon, she basically gave me free reign over the front and back yard. Over the course of four years, tending and loving the plants there, Justin and I realized, through much learning and research, that we are perfectly capable of having a beautiful garden that also produces food.  Now to have your beautiful garden not only look good but, produce food for you is just plain smart. The wonderful thing about gardening with edible plants is that you can make it so integrated into the landscape that it looks amazing! The last year we lived at my mom's I started integrating edible plants into our existing landscape. I found that you really do not need a large plot to produce a lot of food. I created a tiered planter out of stones and the whole thing was probably only a 8 feet by 5 feet plot. The rocks I used played an important role in trapping the heat from the sun and, then transferring the heat during the night keeping all the little plants warm and snugly.  The main thing I learned from my experience is that even in a place where yard size is being reduced substantially you can still cultivate a beautiful piece of land that has treats for you and your family to eat! Here are some pictures of the plot I am talking about.  

The oxilia can be found in the mountains and is packed with Vitamin C, it has a tangy after taste to it and goes great in salads. The marigolds are an all natural slug repellant. 

the tree in the center is a pear tree and the shrubs on the left are perennial herbs that include curry leaf and oregano. 

2 months later! Everything got so big and beautiful! My lavender is massive, and that is bloodydock behind it.    

2 months later! Everything got so big and beautiful! My lavender is massive, and that is bloodydock behind it. 


On the Left is lavender and on the right is an extremely fast growing plant called Bloodydock. Bloodydock can be used to tenderize beef and is pretty bitter, I would not eat it raw.  We used it in beef stew.  

Now go make your own small plot garden and have fun!