Working out with a Marine

       I was at church in the crowded lobby saying hello to friends and new people and in walked Ruby. Being from Portland Oregon I am drawn to interesting looking people I want to know who they are, what is their story and I want to be instantaneous friends. There have been many times in my life when I will stop perfect strangers and compliment them on something about their appearance that catches my eye. I believe that style and fashion are outward expressions of what we think of ourselves. My first impression of Ruby was she is a bad-ass, and, I was right. Here, in her words is a brief history of the lady herself.

       "When I was 17, I enlisted in the Marine Corps, with the help of my parents who reluctantly signed me over. I actually had my recruiter come to my 17th birthday party with my paperwork. I graduated boot camp in March 2009 with the "Iron-Woman" award for having the highest physical fitness testing in my platoon. ..that's when I fell in love with fitness. I then went to water survival school in Florida, followed by training in NC and MS. Upon completion of training, I received orders to Hawaii (Oh the sacrifice, right?)  and lived on the Island of Oahu for the next 3 years. During that time i fell in love with hiking, surfing, spearfishing, sky-diving, and all of the other wonderful physical activities Hawaii has to offer. I helped run the Remedial Physical Training program for my unit, which is designed to assist Marines who have fallen out of Marine Corps height/weight standards to get back in shape. I used my Marine Corps tuition assistance to go to school for personal training, and used that certificate to train military wives and dependents on base. During my tour I spent time in AZ and CA, at sea on the Bonhomme Richard, and completed a tour Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, where i was published in the Marine Corps Gazette for writing articles on the Marine Corps physical standards and body-fat testing methods. I turned 18 in water survival school, 19 the day i checked into my first duty station, 20 in Afghanistan, and  21 on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Pacific. My time in the Marine Corps definitely played a large part in my deciding to make a career out of physical fitness. When my contract ended with the Marines in 2013, I became a personal trainer and cross-fit coach at a gym in my home-town in NC, where i am currently working;  continuously pursuing to better people's quality of life through health and fitness." 

        I am super pumped just to be able to work out with her and show off her coolness. I hope you enjoy and use some of these moves at home. 

This video is more fun than serious but, it shows you how you can still get a great work out even if there are babies around. 

With these pictures Ruby is showing us the proper way of doing all the moves from the video including three different types of push ups you can do. 

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