Super Easy Photo Collage

OK, Ok, I know this is almost too easy to even put on my blog. Well then use this article as a push to get out your books of photos and actually do something with them! I watch shark tank sometimes and I caved and totally got the Groove Book Ap so that I could have a great way of getting pictures off my phone. Well, now that I have like 600 pictures I need to do something with them, right? At first I had done a hobo job of just taping them to the wall which, of course, after about a month looked terrible. So I went to the dollar store picked up some large stiff pieces of card stock paper they have and told myself to make it better. So I did. The biggest lesson here that I can share with non artsy people is to use my favorite craft glue, Yes! No really the glue is called Yes! glue. It is great because it is slow drying so you can work with it if you mess up, great for pictures, and easy to clean off things. I used a palette knife but, a paint brush is totally fine too. The way I like to make collages is to start with the corners and work your way in using your scissors when necessary. The result is a clean looking photo collage that cost hardly nothing. Now go make Art!     

Before my beautiful pictures were peeling off the wall. ewww gross. 

only paid 50 cents for the paper board

Yes Glue you can find at an art store. 

The glue is actually easier to use if it is in a warm room as it will harden in cooler temperatures. 

The whole project from beginning to end took about an hour.

there we go that looks so much better! Make sure to glue as close to your edges as possible to get a nice finish. 

See how easy that was!? Now go do it yourself and have fun!