Holiday Door Sign

         Hey there! Raise your hand if you ever find random pieces of holiday decoration and have no idea what to do with it! I am raising my hand! So I had this box of left over decorations from several years of celebrating Hanukkah and did not want to just throw it all away. Then I found the Happy Hanukkah sign at Target for 90% off and thought, BA BAM! It was perfect for what I wanted to do! Really anyone can do this if you have a surface to glue on and a way of hanging it. Enjoy the tutorial pictures and use your trash in an awesome way!

Here is Meira with all our left over decorations and so excited about this project!

This is the sign I started with minus the ribbon around its edges. 

I folded it on itself and glued it down. 

Adding more fabric! it really is all about the glue!

Here is the final product! I have bulbs and other ornaments a dreidel and a bell all glued on there. I think it is a classic example of trash to treasure. Now go make art!

Item List:

            Some sort of flat sign or picture because this is NOT a wreath. 

            Left over odds and ends of ribbon, fabric and decorations

            String or ribbon to hang it on a door or wall


             Hot Glue Gun with plenty of glue sticks

             Scissors to cut ribbon and fabric