How to make a head board for free!

Hello, World!

          OK I know the title of this post sounds amazing and it is but let me explain it a little more. I did not have to purchase anything in order to complete this particular project! I already had all that I needed from collecting random things over time. This is why I am such a fan of picking and not saying no to free stuff. With that said even though I do take free stuff it has to be high quality free stuff because in the end if you just collect trash then that is all you will have is trash. 

         How I accumulated my free stuff for this head board is as follows. The piece of ply wood Justin found in a pile of junk lumber at his work with a "free" sign on it so he took the best pieces from the pile and there you go. The foam, which is could be the most expensive part, was our old mattress topper that we kept for such a project as this. The fabric was a gift from Katie Hatfield who happens to work at a fabric printing company, Spoonflower. The fabric itself is a high-quality cotton that I just could not turn down even if I wanted to. The prints on the fabric did not jive with Justin and I's decor so I decided to dye one of the pieces with left over dye I had. To get that story and learn how to dye fabric click here. The scissors and the staple gun are just tools that we already had. Even the brackets and screws I swiped from another project of mine to use for the headboard. So there you go a "free" headboard! Just takes a little time, energy and creativity and you got yourself a one of a kind piece of furniture.  

Item List:

         Piece of ply wood that fits your bed. If you buy a piece at the hardware store they can cut it to your specifications. Make sure you measure BEFORE you go to the store. 

         Some sort of foam or batting or even an old comforter. Just cut it to the size of your wood. 

         Large piece of fabric to wrap it in. If the fabric is thin use two pieces if it is thick like upholstery just use one.

         2 Hook and eye brackets to hang the head board with. If you are unable to hang it from the studs in the wall you will need to buy drywall anchors. 


          Scissors to cut fabric and foam

          Staple gun with staples. 


Go have fun and make art!!!!