The Best Gluten Free Latkes!

       Latkes Latkes Latkes!!!! They are the quintessential staple for Hanukkah and every good Jewish house wife better know how to make them! Well, though we might celebrate Hannukah we are not Jewish and my husband the chef can make them way better than I. He just knows his way around the kitchen more and to be honest I would rather be the party host. Justin and I love hosting parties because we love people and food. Channukah parties are great because you have food, friends, wine, chocolate and some sort of music or dancing by the end of the night. We have been celebrating Hanukkah for the last 5 years and love it! 

Here is Justin frying that goodness in coconut oil!

Those cakes of awesomeness are cooling off before they get devoured with sour cream and apple sauce. 

Latkes go well with family and friends crowded around the kitchen table playing driedel. 

Eating Latkes pair nicely with Hanukkah but celebrating Hanukkah is not necessary if you just want to eat them one day. 


        1 pound of frozen hash browns

        3 eggs

        1 table spoon of salt

        1 tea spoon of German style mustard

        1 tea spoon garlic powder

        1/2 cup of Gluten Free Flour our favorite is

        1 table spoon of fresh thyme, chopped

        1 table spoon of fresh parsley, chopped

    Combine all ingredients except for the hash browns in a bowl and whisk together. Then fold in hash browns to the mixture until combined. Once your favorite oil is hot in your favorite skillet, hopefully it is a cast iron one, put a dollop of hash brown mixture in. Once you form the latke in the pan with your spatula, the oil should come about half way up the potato pancake. Cook over medium high heat, until the outsides are light brown and have a crispiness to them. Make sure to put sour cream and apple sauce on them because that is super amazing and they can't be eaten any other way!