Oh the furniture you can make!

        I love creating things. Sometimes they are things from raw materials and sometimes they are things that just needed some touching up but regardless if I can make it my own I have won! These projects were fun and not that difficult. As long as you have time, patience, and the right tools you can make just about anything!  

       This first project was specifically for a chiropractic office so I found a chair that I could easily redo and give a fresh neutral look. The original fabric was a purple shag and as you can see the wood was natural. 

This chair was originally covered with a shaggy fabric, I changed it up with a woven cotton. 

All I had to do was reupholster the fabric and sand down and paint the wood. All in all a really easy and fun project!

This next project was brought to me by my friends Amanda and Ashley. 

This chair was found on the side of the road begging to be refurbished! 

This was a wonderful free find on the side of the road! It is a vintage high chair that just needed some lovin'. I dismantled it, cleaned the heck out of it then started the sprucing up. first I painted the chrome parts with a matte metal paint then I just recovered the back of the chair in some fun graphic upholstery fabric. I didn't have to bother with the seat because it was still in great condition. 

It looks brand new! 

My little guy loves it too! It definitely has seen a lot of love since I brought it home. ha ha ha!

        The moral of the story behind this next project would be, work with what you got! My sweet husband and I love up-cycling and hate getting rid of something if it is still useful. We are definitely not hoarders or pack rats though, we straight up don't have the space for it. So if Justin and I bring something home we have a certain amount of time to use it before it gets passed along to the next person or recycle center. This brings us to exhibit A, the pile of scrap wood. Justin found this next to the dumpster at his work. Side note, when Justin and I pick stuff up we make sure it is of somewhat good quality. My advice to a first time picker dont' take anything you see that is going to fall apart, the second you bring it home you need to actually be able to use it or else you are just a hoarder who collects trash, end of side note. The wood you see in the picture below is actually beautiful birch ply wood and is not cheap at the lumber yard. He also grabbed the nice looking 2x4 in the background.    

So, what to build? Before starting I washed the wood with bleach because I saw some mold on it. The paint also seals that in and kills the yuckies too. 

       The first question you ask yourself when starting a project with raw material is, what do I need? At this point in time my children needed a book shelf for their ever growing book collection, thanks to their wonderful grandparents. So I assessed the material I had, measured it all and designed a piece of furniture with the materials I had. I did not want to go to the hardware store and have to buy more wood.

I used Justin's circular saw to cut everything to my specifications and then painted it all with the left over paint I had from painting the walls. 

As you can see I used the 2x4s and the back panel as the main supports then cut to size the two inner shelves. I love how it turned out! When doing any kind of carpentry project always remember to measure 5 times and cut once, or something like that. And to think that all this wood would have been lost in a junk yard, rotting away.