Fresh Pasta with Tim

To begin, if you would like to read the story of why Justin and I moved click here.

Raleigh, North Carolina is different than Portland, Oregon, very different. The only similarity is the crazy winter weather: the ups and downs, highs and lows. You know, the hormonal woman or tantrum-throwing-male kind. The Northwest is obsessed with recycling, eating local organic foods, and the Cascade Mountains.  Let’s not forget Three Fingered Jack where Justin and I backpacked on our honeymoon right after a forest fire had swept through the previous summer.  It looked like a Dr. Seuss book come to life and we were the only humans there!

Raleigh is a city with good southern food, history and lots a plethora of oak trees.  The only mountains we have seen are......well, none that compare to the Cascades or the Rockies.  Recycling is nearly non-existent. On the other hand I am beginning to love the weather.  There are many more sun-filled days than the PNW and at first that actually depressed me. I know that is weird but, having been raised in a place where you basically never see blue sky during the winter you just get used to it. Now the blue sky is a welcome sight and fills me with happiness.  

Back in Portland, when Justin and I were itching to get out of the burbs, we drove a whole 45 minutes to seriously one of the most gorgeous places on earth, the Columbia River Gorge. We frequented local favorites like Horse Tail Falls or the Oneonta Gorge. Multnomah Falls has become a little too touristy for us.  If we were feeling spunky we traveled down to the most hippyish town on the Oregon coast, Yachats, where my Grandma lived for a good portion of her life.  Yachats is an off-shoot of Eugene, Oregon but better, because it is in on the ocean.  Needless to say after 16 months of being away, I am officially home sick.  I want to taste the sweet non-fluorinated water of Portland again and visit with friends and family.

So what on earth does all this have to do with Tim and his fresh pasta? Well, tons!  Whenever I find myself in a supreme funk I usually do three things.  First; I pray.  Second; I sing or dance. Third; I make myself think of all the reasons to stay in Raleigh. After doing these things over the last 16 months the one thing my heart and mind keep coming back to is not the delicious southern food, not the oak trees, and not even the lack of recycling. The one and only thing that keeps my heart and mind focused on why we are staying here are the people.  My God, the God who created all things, has blessed Justin and I with fun, gracious, hard working, lovely, beautiful-inside-and-out people. Ya’ll know who you are. The families we have met, the business owners, the singles, the old, the new and everyone in between have been amazing! We are here for the people of Raleigh.

Justin met Tim working with him at the Umstead - a five star swanky hotel with a five star restaurant called Herons. I have yet to eat there but the time is coming soon! Well Tim had commissioned me to paint a picture for one of his walls and I enthusiastically complied on two conditions; that I get paid with some sort of cash and that he teach me his favorite thing to make, which is pasta. He agreed. Coming full circle and wrapping this whole story up, I not only wanted to learn how to make pasta, I just straight-up wanted to get out of the house and spend some quality time with those ‘people’ I was telling you about. The evening consisted of wine, ricotta, sage, thyme, chives, parsley, oregano, chicken thighs, Mataki mushrooms, Marsala wine, cream and Pecorino cheese. Even with delicious five star flavors, the best part about the night was sitting around a dinner table and talking. The biggest issues that I have to work on in life are: living in the moment, enjoying every second because you won’t have that moment back, ever, and focusing on the task at hand. With all that said, the dinner itself was amazingly delectable and I hope you go and make fresh pasta with your friends soon. 



Ok first thing to do is whisk together in a bowl 13 egg yolks, one whole egg, 1/8 cup of olive oil and 1/8 cup of milk until you have an even consistency. Then create a bowl of flour to pour the mixture into with four cups or 500 grams of flour. 

Tim is using a bench scraper  here to further the mixing process


then you basically get in there with your hands and work that dough like no ones business adding flour as you go when it gets too sticky.

Finished ball of dough with the 'chef's flour' that we used. Tim only used about a quarter of this dough to make 11 raviolis he saved the rest for what we will never know... 

Mix your filling until it is a smooth texture and then pop it into a pastry bag for easy ravioli filling. Tim filled these raviolis with ricotta, shredded pecorino cheese, minced sage, thyme, parsley, oregano and chives. Basically herb heaven in your mouth.    

Tim is doing a cool marking technique by using the flour and his little circle cutter. This way you know exactly where and how much to put your filling. 

Boom! ah that looks amazing. I want to have some more right now!

Ha Ha that little guy is going to get eaten! But seriously DON'T FORGET TO BRUSH EGG WASH ON THE PASTA SO THAT THEY STAY TOGETHER WHILE BOILING.

Then you fold over the rest of the pasta on top and gently press down around the filling. 

For sure my favorite part, cutting out the ravioli! Don't over fill them or else they will come apart or explode in the water. 

oh snap they look scrumptious! Put them in boiling water for a few minutes until they float to the top and are slightly 'al dente'. Then eat! Well not quite, I mean unless you don't want a sauce or anything on them. 

              Fresh Pasta Recipe

13 egg yolks and one whole egg

1/8 cup of milk

1/8 cup of olive oil

500 grams of flour or roughly 4 cups. 

               Filling recipe, use your own discretion when measuring.  

Ricotta cheese

Pecorino cheese

Chopped sage, thyme, chives, and parsley

So here is the finished piece of art work. Tim made a butter cream sauce with chicken thighs, button and mataki mushrooms. The dish was topped with shaved pecorino cheese and Justin had fried some chicken skin or "jewish bacon" for extra garnish. 

Here we are having an epic conversation about high school shenanigans. 

                                        I am not eating because I don't want it to be over.