Sew Easy Fleece and Flannel Blanket!

Hello, World!

              My husband, three kids, and I moved across the country from Oregon to North Carolina August, 2013. We had to get rid of about three quarters of our stuff! Furniture, clothes, shoes, toys, appliances, and also blankets. It's funny, you don't think you ever need extra blankets until you have guests over or it is really cold and you think to yourself, Oh man I wish I had an extra blanket, instead of turning the heat up and wasting tons of money. I decided it was time to make some blankets for my kids since the only ones they had were their all time favorite baby blankets. Correction, Meira's blanket was a legit blanket that her great, great, step grandma crocheted for her. Jed's 'blanket' was Justin's fleece bathrobe that I gave to Jed when he was still a baby, the scent of daddy helped him fall asleep. So anyway blankets are super easy to buy of course but, did you know they are super easy to make!!!?                  

      This blanket is so easy you could hand stitch it if you don't have a machine. Just put a movie on and get out your dusty old needle and thread and by the end of the movie you will have a cozy blanket that you made yourself! I just went to the fabric store with coupons in hand and bought some extra cuddly fleece and then some flannel that was super duper on sale. I like having flannel back my blankets because I find if you have too much fleece the polyester just makes you sweat and uncomfortable where the cotton flannel helps with wicking away moisture.   

First, wash your flannel and dry it as it will shrink where the fleece will not! Then lay out your fabric so that there is roughly a three inch fleece edge all the way around. 

Cut out the corners so that you can still run the fabric through the machine.  

then you will fold twice to create a beautiful edge when you sew. 

The great thing about sewing cuddle fleece is that it is so puffy that it covers up your thread so it doesn't matter what color of thread you use! I had to pull the blanket through it was so thick. 

And that is it! My kids loved their blankets and here they are making 'ships' with them.

Item list:

            1 1/2 yards of cuddle fleece

            1 1/2 yards of cotton flannel (pre-wash the flannel in hot water because it will shrink where the fleece will not)




            Sewing machine or needle and thread