I'm Dyeing!

Hello, World!

My first dye project ever was, I think, in the fourth grade. They had us bring t-shirts in and then we got to have them tie-dyed. I was impressed but, not overly, I was after all only 9.  My second dyeing experience was also with tie-dye but I was now 23 and helping out with a church function where I was doing the dyeing for a bunch of 5th graders. After un-tying my t-shirt and opening it like a present and seeing the finished piece I was hooked.  Looking at the amazing colors and crazy shapes that the dye had created blew my mind. I wanted to take the next step and move on from the humble beginnings of tie dye into the world of regular dye. After dyeing shorts, dresses, canvas, printed fabric and muslin I learned a lot from my fun trials. 

     The biggest lesson I learned on my own is if you leave the fabric alone and don’t aggravated the water at all you will have blotchiness or uneven coloring. I personally love that! I love how you can create a piece of art just by gauging how long you want something to sit. OK well I hope these pictures inspire you to get out there and dye something! Have fun and be creative and take the risk that you might screw the whole thing up, that is the only way to learn!   

Dye cotton dress

Dyed heavy canvas

My 3 year old loves putting these in his tool box so when I asked him to help me by getting them for me he was super excited

There are roughly 4 yards of fabric here. This was the first time I dyed a fabric that had such a bold print on it already I really did not know what to expect.  

I gathered the fabric in the center because I want to dye it two colors one on top and one on the bottom. I am going to place a rubber band in the center. 

Here I am dyeing one side just follow the instructions on the packet of dye. I don't measure anything I figure the more you use the richer the color and I am right. 

I dyed two pieces of fabric one for my head board and one for my closet curtain. This one is for the closet curtain. 

And now for the other side I am dyeing it forest green! I let both sides sit for about an hour in hot water with salt. Again read the instructions on the box for best results.

My favorite way to push the fabric down is by using chop sticks!

After taking the fabric out of the bucket full of dye I rinsed out the fabric in my kitchen sink to get most of the excess dye out. Then I put all the fabric in the washer and washed on cold and dried it on regular. 

Here are the amazing results!

Here is the finished product! I used the dyed fabric to create a one of a kind soft headboard! I love it!

Item List:

             Cotton Fabric

             Fabric Dye


            Bucket for dyeing

            Hot water

            Rubber gloves and stirring stick


            Something to tie off the fabric (I used rubber bands)