Easy Crustless Quiche

Cast Iron pans are the best. If treated well they will last you a life time and just keep giving you wonderful meals day in and day out. We primarily use our cast iron for all the non-sauce cooking. Meaning if we are going to make anything that has a sauce in it we will use our stainless steel. The meal I am going to show you how to make today is a crustless quiche. This is a wonderful breakfast item for large families and it is packed with whatever your heart desires!  

So here we have our 10 inch cast iron pan filled with the filling of the quiche. This quiche that Justin is making has half a bell pepper, half of one yellow onion, 2 cups of cooked potatoes and salt to taste. You start by browning the onions then add the bell pepper and potato. Justin usually pre-cooks whole potatoes so that they are ready to go in the morning but, you can use packaged hash browns if you want.   

After all the filling is cooked add your eggs! Justin whipped up 7 eggs with some hot sauce in a separate mixing bowl. 

Giving it a shake is easier and better than stirring because if you stir too much your potatoes will break down and the quiche won't turn out right. 

Cover the top with your favorite shredded cheese. 

Pop it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the center is cooked all the way. 

Justin is checking to see if it is cooked all the way through with a butter knife. 

Oh so good! We are enjoying this with salsa. 

If you do not own a cast iron pan well that sucks for you! Just kidding, you can totally pour your cooked vegetables into a pie tin just make sure to butter the bottom a lot, to make it non-stick. Then add your eggs and cheese. The wonderful thing about this breakfast is that it is really power packed for being vegetarian! It has protein from the eggs and cheese, carbs from the potatoes, vitamins and minerals from the vegetables and amazing flavor from the spice and salt added! I hope you make one for breakfast and enjoy!


           butter or your favorite cooking oil to saute the veg. 

           half of a large bell pepper sliced

           half of a large onion sliced

           two cups of cooked potato product (remember that frozen hash browns when cooked shrink)

           7 eggs

           hot sauce for the eggs if so desired

           Shredded cheese for the topping