Classic White Bread

OH that smell, nothing can beat the smell of fresh baked anything! Bread is one of those things that is especially pungent and amazing when it hits your nose. I love baking bread now, when I first started I have to admit I was scared and intimidated. Lets be honest there is a chemistry and an order to the way bread is made. If you don't do it just right it won't turn out just right. Not much wiggle room. Once I told myself 'you can do this' I found out it actually is super easy, fun and cheap! I make about a loaf a bread a week mainly for my children because I eat very little gluten and we all know my husband can not touch the stuff. Seriously though, baking bread is like riding a bike, once you got it you got it. The two biggest reasons I make bread though is one, I know exactly what is going in it! Side note, back in Oregon I used to buy bread from a 100% organic bakery. They had delicious stuff and it was organic what more could you ask for? Well one day I decided to actually read the ingredient list and everything sounded great until the last item on the list, canola oil. They were using organic canola oil specifically for a preservative. Understandable, they need a preservative for shelf life since they weren't refrigerating their bread but, canola oil is so bad for you!!!! Here I thought I was buying something so healthy only to be serving my family something not so great. So yeah making your own bread is great because you get to put whatever you want in there, healthy or not. Second reason I am making bread for my family, it is CHEAP! A loaf cost under a dollar to produce, depending on the ingredients of course. So that is why I love making bread. I hope you start making bread for your family you will find it to be most fulfilling.    

First off I would like to say no cooking experience is complete with out a little baby helper. 

Mix 2 teaspoons of dry active yeast in 1 1/4 cups of warm to hot water from the tap, not boiling, and a tablespoon of sweetener. I used maple syrup for this loaf. 

This is roughly what your yeast should look like after 15 minutes. The big bubbles are from when I whisked the maple syrup in. To be completely honest I have gone ahead and made bread even when the yeast did not look like it had bloomed and my loaf still came out great it can be a gamble at that point. 

After the yeast has bloomed add 1/2 a cup of olive oil 3 cups of flour and a teaspoon of salt (add a second teaspoon if you are someone who enjoys more flavor.) Also add two eggs!  

scrape the sides and keep mixing!

ball of mixed dough

The dough is going to sleep for an hour and it will dream of rising but when it awakes its dream will come true!

Now I know it doesn't look like much but, yes, this ball of dough has risen. The reason it hasn't risen that much is because of the amount of oil I added. The oil weighs down the yeast. 

This is a trick that Justin taught me if you are feeling lazy and don't want to hand knead the bread. All you have to do is turn on the dough hook for a second time and it will knead the dough for you! After that just scrape the sides down and pour into a bread pan. 

The thing about not hand kneading though is you don't get a great shape to the bread, just saying. Let the dough rise another 30 minutes before putting it in the oven. This is a cool tip my mom told me about, line the pan with parchment paper it comes out like a dream! 

Bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. 

Extremely important step is to turn out the bread on a cooling rack to let it totally cool before consuming.

Extremely important step is to turn out the bread on a cooling rack to let it totally cool before consuming.

And here it is the moment Jed has been waiting 3 hours for!!!!! 

Go make your own amazing bread and eat it!!!


         2 teaspoons of yeast

         1 1/4 cups of warm to hot tap water

         1 tablespoon of maple syrup

         2 eggs

         3 cups of flour

         1-2 teaspoons of salt

         1/2 cup of olive oil