How to make Chicken Stock!

Chicken Stock

 This is how it is. You walk into the grocery store staring at your grocery list. You walk around the corner and the smell slams in to you like a delicious herd of elephants stampeding their way right up your nostrils: rotisserie chicken. You know rotisseries are the best - delicious to the last bite - so you give in, grab it off the rack, pay the cashier and zoom home so you can savor every bite.

 Now you have a pile of bones destined for the trash (we all know feeding chicken bones to the pets is a big no-no). Instead of tossing those bones into the trash, make an amazingly flavorful and healthy stock out of them! This is great because you are milking that chicken for all it is worth AND bone broth is super good for you!

 Click here to learn more about bone broth.

 Caroline (the lovely lady in the photos) works at the Umstead with Justin and she makes amazing broths and stocks all day long. With nothing more than a pot of hot water and her broth-making wizardry, she knows what it takes to pull every last ounce of flavor from those bones. Here is a little interview I did with her for your reading pleasure.

 Q1. When did you start cooking?

A1. When I got married and had to feed a husband. HA! Actually that's somewhat true, but I really began doing it for the love of it in 2009. I watched the movie, "Food, Inc." and it changed my whole perspective on food. Also, it was the thing I gravitated towards in my spare time when I wasn't working my marketing job that I had at the time. It's just grown from there.

 Q2. What is your favorite thing about cooking?

A2. It's more of an art than a science, and each cook has the ability to put their own trademark on the dishes they create. I swear I could make a simple thing like meatballs about 500 different ways just based on how I was feeling that day and what I had available to use

 Q3. Why / how did you get your job at the Umstead?

A3. When I was in culinary school, I knew I wanted work at a place that could help me learn to cook on a whole new level. I love a good challenge. So, I got in touch with the Chef du Cuisine. He had an opening at the time, and it just worked out.

 Making stock is so easy here are the instructions.

Getting everything ready!

                              Make sure to wash your celery! This particular vegetable can be very dirty.

About this much garlic. 

Justin de-boned a whole raw chicken for this stock but for your stock you can use the left over carcass from that rotisserie I was talking about earlier. 

If you do make your stalk with raw chicken Justin suggests to roast the bones first for more flavor.

Obviously this would never happen in a professional kitchen but, when at home feel free to pick the bones clean before putting into the water. All your mouth germs get killed in the boiling water. Unless you have like hepatitis or something, then don't do this.   

                                                               putting all that goodness in there

A lot of goodness

                                              Make sure the water line is about 3 inches from the top.

                 What else is there to do while you wait for stock to be made but to play Settlers of Catan.

3 ways to cook stock. 1) Pressure cooker for 1-2 hours like the one you see here. 2) large pot, on the stove for 4-6 hours on medium heat. 3) in a crock pot for 8-12 hours. 

 WHAM BAM DIZZLE! That looks amazing! Salt to your liking and then to finish it off pour it into a bowl through a strainer. If you want a finer strain line the strainer with cheese cloth. 

Chicken or Beef stock should be a staple in everyone's pantry. you can use it to cook rice and other grains, add it to mashed potatoes, drink it in a mug when you are sick and of course make amazing soups with it. Now go out and make yourself some amazing stock!


           Bones from one chicken

           2 medium onions

           5 carrots

           half a bunch of celery

           parsley, thyme, rosemary, 

           Table spoon of peppercorns

           2 bay leafs

           fresh garlic