I got 99 problems and mold ain't one

We closed on our house December 15th, 2015, and moved in with in a couple of weeks. This is our first time owning a home and we totally love it! Our house has 2 bedrooms and is under 1,000 square ft. The house was built in 1949 and an addition of a garage and large laundry room was added in 1953. The not great thing about the laundry room was that when they built it they did not have any forced air added or even a wall mounted heater. It wasn't until the seller was readying the property to sell, (single owner for 66 years) that they add a wall mounted electric heater to make it 'legal' square footage. So in all that time mildew began to grow behind the plethora of built ins because of lack of air flow and consistent temperature. There was a fresh coat of paint on every surface of the house to help it sell which is why we did not smell it at first but, then the seasons changed and for whatever reason the dank, musty, mildewy, scent came through and the video below will explain the rest. 

Stay tuned because I plan on filming another video showing how we build Meira's room and decorate it!