Who are we?

     My name is Amanda, I am an artist, wife, mother of three, and being quirky and eclectic is my normal. I received a B.A. Art degree from George Fox University and a DIY degree from HGTV. (the second degree is not real but, should be) My husband Justin has a beautiful introverted soul. He went to culinary school in Portland Oregon and has been cooking for the past ten years. He also has a genetic disorder called low blood IGA and the result is we have a very 'clean' diet because of his many food sensitivities.  Justin and I were born in the heart of Portland, Oregon and raised in its majestic suburbs. We lived for 2 years in the beautiful city of Raleigh, North Carolina and recently bought our first home in McMinnville, Oregon!

      Together we love nature and the beauty it holds, a good cup of coffee, a delicious glass of wine, talents rendered into art, and good friends. We have adopted the lifestyle of organic eating, recycling everything, thrift store shopping, and clean living as much as possible. We are suburbanites who long for the day where we can buy a plot of land somewhere in the Willamette Valley and live off of it fully. Until that fateful day we will make due with our grocery stores and outlet malls. This website and blog is us sharing with the world our zest for life, projects, food and people. We truly hope you enjoy yourself here.